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Team Supernova  

The program is well balanced and challenging for the gymnast who is interested in more than what the recreational programs can offer them.  There is a year round committment in this program. Athletes train 6-12 hours per week preparing to compete in 1-3 invitational competitions per year. Social events, seasonal events, family events and more ground our program with a combination of fun and fitness.

Comp 1 - Championship Team – This is our Traditional Team and Recommended Program.

1) Minimum Training Hours and Costs:

a. 6 Hrs Copper Level $172/ month

b. 9 Hrs copper/Bronze Level $210/month

c. 10hrs. Bronze/silver Level $225/month

d. 12 Hrs Bronze/Silver Level $250/month

e. 14 Hrs Bronze/silver Level $275 / month

  2) Training is year-round, including Summer and Winter Vacations, and can change 3 x per year.

3) Meets and Exhibitions:

a. 2 Gym Recitals (sparkle & frost Winter Gala Showcase & Supernova Shines Inhouse Club Meet) and 2-3 In House Competitions.

b. 3 or 4 Preliminary Meets.

c. IAIGC  Championships:

i. Qualifying Score at Prelims = 33.0 All-Around (8.5 per event specialist).

 d. IAIGC World Championship:

 i. Qualifying Score at State or Regional Championships = 34.0 All-Around (9.0 per event specialist).

4) Mobility Scores and Requirements:

a. There are two main requirements to move up a level in All-Around.

  i. Score a 36.0 All-Around at least once during season.

ii. Meet 75% of skill, strength and flexibility requirements for the new level.

b. There are 2 main requirements to move up a level as an Event Specialist.

i. Score a 9.0 on the event at least once during the season.

ii. Meet 75% of skill requirements for said event.

c. Gymnasts do not automatically move up a level every season, multiple years may be spent in the same level, however, there are progressive skills in each level.

d. The IAIGC program allows gymnasts to compete the next level up on up to 2 events, this prevents the gymnast from feeling frustrated and “stuck” at one level.


CanCompete Team

. CanCompete Team – Modified, Non-Traditional Team w/ Reduced Hours and Commitment.

1.  Only required to commit to training September – June of each year.

2.  Summer months can be paid for month to month

2. Minimum age for CC is 6 at the start of each school year.

 3. Training Hours and Costs:

  a. 4 Hrs Copper $140/month

  b. 5 Hrs Copper $155/month


 4. Meets and Exhibitions:

a. Required to compete in less meets, which brings down the costs of participating.

b. Required - 2 Gym Recitals (Winter Wonderland & Supernova Shines) and 1-3 In House Competitions.

c. Optional: (when gymnast is prepared)

           a. 1 to 4 Invitational IAIGC Preliminary Meets.

                    b. IAIGC State or Regional Championships:

i. Must Attend 3 out of the 4 Prelims and score 33.0 All-Around (8.5 event specialist) .

5. Mobility Scores and Requirements (same as Championship Program):

a. Due to the lessened hours, you can expect mobility will tend to be slower in this track. 

Practice Schedule__________________________________________________

 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Mini Select 4:30-6:30
 4:30-7:30 11:00-2:00
6HR. Team Supernova 4:30-7:30 AND 4:30-7:30 OR 11:00-2:00
9HR Team Supernova  4:30-7:30PLUS   5:30-8:30 4:30-7:30
CanCompete  6:00-8:00 6:00-8:00