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Mommy WOW....I'm a BIG kid now!

HandsUp Kindergym Programs


Little Hands UP(Age 3-4)

This is a 1 hour class for the beginner 3-4 year old.  Parents are welcome to observe  the class from the viewing area.  Children enrolled in this class will be kept  busy (and their instructor!) improving loco-motor development  (running, hopping, landing, skipping, swinging, climbing).  The children  will be introduced to  social awareness activities such as sharing, taking turns, gym safety,  courtesy, and listening.  Much time will be spent familiarizing the children  with the gym and the equipment while introducing them to basic gymnastics  skills.

  Three and four year olds love to play and our well trained energetic  
coaches creatively disguise a variety of skills with lots of play and games  
sprinkled with laughter and smiles.  
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Fall 2020 Term 1 - Pay monthly or by the term.  $75 per month or $375 per term


Hands UP(Age 5)

This 1 hour class is an extension of our Little hands program.  Children in   
this program are either 4 year olds with gymnastics experience or 5 year olds just starting our or with experience.  Coaches can now start focusing more on skill development during their time in the gym.  This age group is ready to learn and have fun at the same time. 

Hands Up kids are generally familiar with the gym as well as improved their listening and directions skills.  Our little gymnasts are now ready to learn proper rolling, lunge to handstands, cartwheel progressions, and front rolls on the bars.  We keep them moving and learning in a fun filled, positive, energetic, and creative atmosphere.


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Fall 2020 Term 1 - Pay monthly or by the term.  $75 per month or $375 per term
*All members must pay a registration fee of $35 per year.