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Each year we offer a fun meet to all our enrolled gymnasts. This year our SUPERNOVA SHINES 2023 #Believe In Yourself end of year FUN MEET AND showcase  will be held on Saturday June 17THth. Join the fun! Come watch your kids tumble into summer with smiles and glitter! Awards for all. This is our grand finale and an outstanding family day filled with skills, pics,  BBQ, facepainting, jumping castle, and outdoor obstacle run and air track fun.   
HandsUp for the power in all of us to make a difference in every child's self confidence. 
Together...Let's raise them up


Below you will find the information sheet your child was provided as a handout during their class.  Please fill out the registration online as soon as possible.  We organize our sessions based on that feedback.  Please remit payment upon receipt of your invoice.

We have run this end of year showcase for many years and we believe it has been a positive success amongst our gymnasts ad their families.  Allowing each child to be awarded for performing to their best ability has been an outstanding tool to boost self confidence.


The schedule needs to be confirmed, however our rough schedule is as follows

Session 1:  9:45

Session 2:  12:45

Gymnasts competing in each session will be announced shortly.  Its going to be an awesome day filled with fun, laughter, a bbq and games.  If your child is in the first session count on hanging around after they have finished showcasing their skills; if they are in the 2nd session feel free to come and watch the first session, play some games, or enjoy the BBQ.  We ask that all gymnasts wait for face painting until they have finished their showcase and awards ceremony.

Supernova Shines Showcase Registration