• Whitby Supernova Gymnastics 

    Fall 2021 is finally just around the corner!  We've waited a long time to 

    begin a full session.  We will be honored to welcome back our returning

    members along with many new families registering for our classes.  We've

    missed you all and can't wait to get started.  Get your leos and scrunchies out! 

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Welcome to Whitby Supernova Gymnastics

"Hands Up for the Spirit in every child"

Supernova Gymnastics opened for business in 1989, established to bring the great sport of gymnastics to Whitby and the surrounding community. Supernova Gymnastics provides Recreational and Competitive programs to the public. Owner, Georgina MacDonnell operates the gym with the energy, creativity, and the resources behind her to create a powerful and inspiring club which raises community's spirits and awareness. At Whitby Supernova we're taking bold new steps to creatively address the needs of children and their families in our community.  We continue to build traditions within the walls of our gym that capitalize on improving quality of life and raise the spirit in every child who enters.  

At Supernova we believe that gymnastics & movement is a wonderful and carefree expression of youthful enthusiasm for all ages. Its throwing your Hands Up and reaching for new, exciting, and challenging heights. Our captivating and  inspiring facility offers a safe, fun, and confidence  building atmosphere.  Our awesome skilled and certified team of coaches do not take their role in a child's development lightly; our goal is to assist the  parents and community in raising happy and healthy children.   Family is everything.