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Supernova Gymnastics Re-Opening Plan

We have a variety of forms and publications available for your review.  You can count on Supernova to go above and beyond your expectations!  We're committed to making our gym a safe and fun facility!

You are required to have the following forms before entering the gym.  You may print these documents at home if you like.  Thewaiver was already electronically signed when you registered.

You will need TO COMPLETE THE DAILY SCREENING HERE BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE GYM.  The participant Declaration is to be completed only once upon returning to gym.

Self Assessment

Daily Gym To Do List

|creen your child for covid 19 symptoms at https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/   They should stay home if they have any of the covid 19 symptoms, have been in contact with someone with covid 19 in the last 14 days, or  if they have recently travelled outside of canda.

*pack a few face masks for back up

*Pack a water bottle

*limit personal belonging brought into the gym

*Remind and educate your child about physical distancing, hand sanitization, mask wearing.

*Please be patient with our new protocols, we're learning, and we're all in this toget.


*Supernova requires that all participants and visitors must wear a non-medical or cloth facemask while entering and exiting the gym, in all hallways, lobby, and bathroom.  Masks must also be worn while not participating in physical activity in the main gym area.

*All coaching staff will also be required to mask while coaching with the exception of calling out directions and corrections for gymnasts in the gym while maintaining a 6 foot distance if their face mask is removed.   Proper use of masks has been taught to all staff members.


*The gym is equipped with one handwashing station and multiple hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the front hall, lobby, gym entrance, apparatus areas, etc.

*Coaches have been instructed to follow a hand sanitizing schedule during their classes which include:  entry and exit from the gym area, before taking turns on the beam, bars, vault table, and conditioning stations and circuit stations where possible, after coughing, sneezing, or wiping their nose or eyes.

*Children will be reminded to sanitize often to keep all of us healthy and safe.  Children who have a sensitivity to hand sanitizer will use the bathroom sink for sanitizing with soap and water.


*Enhanced cleaning and disinfection practices by staff are in place

* Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each class.

*Soft surfaces and those not easy to clean and disinfect have been removed from the gym.  Small class props have been removed from the gym.

*Competitive athletes will have their own personal bags of chalk for uneven bar use.  Recreational athletes will not be given chalk for bar work.

*A specialty cleaning formula has been purchased from SWISH which can clean and disinfect our gym matting safely at the end of each evening 

Self Assessment

Parents must assess their children for covid 19 symptoms before entering Supernova Gymnastics.  For your convenience please use the following SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/

It is critical that everyone perform a self assessment daily to check if they have any of the following covid 19 symptoms and stay home if they do.

*Fever (37.8 or above)

*new or worsening cough

*shortness of breath

*sore throat

*difficulty swallowing

*Changes to sense of taste or smell

*Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain

*Runny nose/nasal congestion (not caused by seasonal allergies)


*Gymnasts, parents, and visitors will notice social distancing stickers have been placed on the hallway and lobby floors as visual cues to stay 6 feet apart.


*Your child's coach or a staff member will be standing at the entrance of the gym to help with children getting to and from their cars to eliminate the need for parents to come in the gym to drop off or pick up.


Your child will be asked to keep their personal belongings with them until they place their items in their personal hanging bucket for the duration of their class.  Buckets have been placed 6 feet apart.  We ask that children bring minimal items to class.


The change room will not be open for use.  We ask that your child come prepared for class in their class by already wearing their gym attire.  Shoes will be left in the front hallway, however, parents may wish to keep outerwear with them.


The lobby area has been closed for eating purposed for our competitive team.  The bathroom is in this area and all gymnasts travelling to the washroom must wear a mask to, from, and in the washroom.  We will not close viewing for parents, however, we only have space for 4 people at one time to safely watch their children, and will be on a first come first serve basis.  We strongly discourage viewing for children ages 5 and up.


All gym gatherings including recreational awards nights, halloween party, christmas party, movie nights, open gym, and Team Competitions will be postponed for the immediate future due to the difficulty in safely keeping physically distant from one another.

If a gymnast feels unwell ....

If a child is found to be unwell during class with suspected symptoms of covid 19 they will be immediately separated from their gym mates, and their parent/guardian, or emergency contact will be informed that they will need to come pick up their child from gym.  A staff member will accompany your child at all times while both wear appropriate masks and stay 6 feet apart.  Our staff member will ensure your person is made to feel welcome, comfortable while waiting for you to pick them up.  We do not wish for them to feel sad, lonely, scared, or ostracised from their peers. 

Gymnasts', Staff, or Coaches with Covid 19 Protocol 

*If a confirmed Covid 19 cases is identified in the gym, the Durham Region Health Department will provide us with further instructions on who else may or may not need to be tested/isolated. 

*Gymnasts or staff being managed by the Durham Region Health Departmet (for a confirmed covid 19 case, or contact traced) must follow their instructions on when they may return to classes.


*Supernova Daily screening form will no longer be needed as we are asking that all parents use Ontario's online school screening tool HERE