• Whitby Supernova Gymnastics 

    Fall 2021 is finally just around the corner!  We've waited a long time to 

    begin a full session.  We will be honored to welcome back our returning

    members along with many new families registering for our classes.  We've

    missed you all and can't wait to get started.  Get your leos and scrunchies out! 

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Our Rates

Find your program for the most up to date rates.  Our programs run for a 5 month term and are paid monthly.  Your registration fee will be included in your first invoice which is payable upon receipt.  All prices are tax included.

Birthday Parties
Holding Hands

45 Minute Parent Supervised Class

1-3 years

Little Hands Kindergym

1 hour class. for 3-4 year olds.  They're on their own now!


1.5 hour class for advanced Kindgym participants.

HandsUp Kindergym

1 hour class for 5 year olds.

Registration Fee

Your member fee will be added to your first invoice.

Family Registration fee

The family member fee is $40 regardless of how many additional children attend.  

Birthday Parties
Classic Gymnastics party

Includes 1 hour in the gym and 1 hour in the party room for 12 children.  Includes paper plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, table cloths

Additional Guests

Each additional guest beyond 12 children.

NovaGym 1

6-8 year olds

1.5 hour class

NovaGym 2

9-11 year olds

1.5 hour class

NovaFlex Boys
6+ Years
1.5 hour class
Advanced Gymnastics

7+ years

2 hour class

Teen Gymnastics

12+ Years

1 hour class

2 hour class is $115


1 hour class

8+ years

Full Week Camp

9-4pm daily for 5 days

Full Week Camp 1/2 Days

9-12 daily for 5 days

Full Week Camp (4day)

Stat holiday 4 day short week.

Parents Night Out

6-10 pm Includes open gym, games, fun, Pizza and a drink for each child.

Annual Year end Showcase

Our Kidstrong Annual end of year competition is for all registered gymnasts.  A day complete with routines, ribbons, awards, bbq, fun, and games for all.

Showcase Spectators

Bring your family out to watch your gymnast and support the club