• Whitby Supernova Gymnastics 

    Ongoing registration is in full swing in our new facility!

    Our gymnastics session is in full swing at 

    our NEW fully air-conditioned facility.  We have been honored to welcome 

    back our returning members along with many new families registered

     for our classes.  We've missed you all and can't wait to get started.  

    Get your leos and scrunchies out! 

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Enrollment Information


REGISTERING is EASY and we are Continuous Enrolment:  .  Registration for all classes is completed online.  To make the registration process easier for parents we are a continuous enrolment facility with 3 terms for report card and achievement day purposes.   This means you register once and then continue until we receive notification from you that your child will be taking a break.  Term 1 is from September to the end of January, Term 2 is from February to the end of June, and Term 3 is July and August. Our end of year showcase will be in June to showcase your child's skills and for them to receive a progress report and/or a certificate.

Monthly Tuition:  Your class tuition is to be paid monthly via automatic credit card payment with card on file,  E-transfer, the online invoice payment link for credit and debit payments, and onsite via cash, credit, or debit.   Invoices  are sent out on the 20th prior to the month being paid for.  Payments must reach the office by the 1st of the month.  Your invoice will be prorated if you start after the first class of the month.

Registration Fee:  Each child must pay a $35annual administration fee, July 1st - June 30th.

What to Wear:  Children should wear a leotard, or an Athletic T-shirt and shorts/tracks pants or leggings.  Hair must be pulled up, no jewelry with the exception of stud earrings.  Please ensure their clothing does not have zippers, buttons, belts, or ties.  Thank you.  Barefoot is required for safety reasons, however, if your child does need to wear socks please send them in no-slip socks.  

Withdrawing or changing classes: Register or withdraw anytime! Our classes and payments are continuous, but be careful our class sizes cannot always accommodate your needs once you withdraw.  Your child will be stay registered in the class you have chosen for them all year round until such time that you request to withdraw them from their class.  Please inform us before the 1st of the month if you plan to take a break from your class.  Please  inform the gym before the 26th of the month to avoid being invoiced or if you do automatic payments with a credit card on file.

Refund Policy:  We do not offer refunds on Class Tuition Fees after the 1st of the month, or on Registration Fees.  A class credit can be arranged.  Any classes that are disrupted due to the Covid 19 Pandemic will continue upon reopening with any classes you missed credited to your account.

Make-up Policy:  Was your child sick? had an important family event?  Email or text us before class please.  We will do our best to find you a make up class for your child with children of similar age and ability space permitting.   Due to covid, makeup classes may not always be possible, however, we will try our best.

Holiday Closings:  There will be no classes held on Statutory holidays, March Break, Halloween, or Winter Holidays.