• Whitby Supernova Gymnastics 

    Fall 2021 is finally just around the corner!  We've waited a long time to 

    begin a full session.  We will be honored to welcome back our returning

    members along with many new families registering for our classes.  We've

    missed you all and can't wait to get started.  Get your leos and scrunchies out! 

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The program is well balanced and challenging for the gymnast who is interested in more than what the recreational programs can offer them. There is a year round commitment in this program. Athletes train 6-12 hours per week preparing to compete in 1-3 invitational competitions per year. Social events, seasonal events, family events and more ground our program with a combination of fun and fitness.

Team Supernova Weekly Practice Schedule___                                                                                                          







Mini-Select14:30-6:304:30-6:30 Register
6hrs IAIGC

 4:30-7:30 11:00-2:00 Register
9hrs IAIGC 4:30-7:30
 5:00-8:00 11:00-2:00Register
9hrs AIGC4:30-7:30  5:00-8:00 11:00-2:00Register
12 hrs IAIGC4:30-7:30 4:30-7:305:00-8:00 11:00-2:00Register
Mini-Select26:00-8:00 6:00-8:00 Register