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What is the IAIGC?
The United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs (USAIGC) and its international branch (IAIGC) is an organization of Gymnastics Club owners who collectively create and maintain the competitive rules for all USAIGC and IAIGC competitions.

Competitive Mobility
The USAIGC helps prevent gymnast’s frustration of being stuck in a competitive level. Mobility between levels is decided by the coach, based on the gymnast’s mastery of skills, not a score. Gymnasts also may compete in multiple levels in one season by ‘specializing’ in up to two events.

Quality not quantity
During the early training years, our competitive program allows gymnasts to spend less time in the gym. We believe quality and not quantity is the most important part of developing gymnasts.

No compulsory skills or routines
Our program does not force every gymnast to perform the same skills and routines as everyone else in the nation. Gymnasts have individual strengths that need to be nurtured, and weaknesses that need to be minimized. Just like you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole, you can’t fit every gymnast into compulsory routines.

What’s the difference between USAIGC and Compulsory programs?
Both associations are governing bodies for gymnastics that control the rules of competition, and therefore the focus of gymnastics training. Other programs have compulsory requirements up through level 5, while USAIGC is optional only.

Compulsory vs Optional
The Compulsory requirement means that every gymnast in levels 1-5 does the exact same beam, floor, bar, and vault routines, same skills, same music, same everything. USAIGC optional means that gymnasts and coaches have a choice of skills within each level and allows gymnasts to enhance their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Plus, it’s way more interesting than watching the same thing over and over!

International competition
Every level of gymnast has the opportunity to compete on the world stage, leading to unique and rewarding experiences and well rounded gymnasts.

How do the levels compare?
Levels between the two systems do not match up exactly, but the following is approximately how they compare.
USAG Level 3 ~ USAIGC Copper
USAG Level 6 ~ USAIGC Bronze
USAG Level 6/7 ~ USAIGC Silver
USAG Level 7/8 ~ USAIGC Gold
USAG Level 9/10 ~ USAIGC Platinum
College Level ~ USAIGC Premier